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I’ll tell you a story of my first time photographing a wedding right after graduating from university. I had one camera, no backups, no flash, and zilch experience. If anything had gone wrong on the day that was it. It was a friends wedding so the pressure was on but can you imagine if my camera had broken? Their most important day lost forever and the end of the friendship possibly!

So over the years, I invested too. I bought backup cameras, various lenses, 3 sets of lighting systems, multiple memory cards and numerous batteries. I made sure I have the correct insurance, spent an eye-watering sum on lots and lots of training so I could continually improve my skill set as well as all the latest software. My ultimate goal was and is, to provide the best service with lots of little surprises to make it an extra special experience for you. I still invest in training and equipment upgrades so I can continue to offer the best so you feel comfortable and reassured.

Interested to know more? Prices are below and I also have a price guide available that includes some helpful advice on having your photo taken. If you'd like to receive this, please head over to my contact page to request this

Common worries...

I want you both to absolutely have the best day possible with no stress and that starts right here.

Can I afford you?

I purposely keep a low deposit to help couples when booking me to help ease any anxieties. The balance also is not due until just before the wedding and I'm more than happy to discuss payment plans if it helps.

What if it rains?

Rain can be absolutely amazing for photographs along with fog and snow. It's rare that it rains heavily for hours and hours at a time so we can nip outside in between showers or when it's just a bit of drizzle. I also keep a load of umbrellas in my car as a backup.

Will the day turn into a photoshoot?

I'm a blend-in type of photographer so for the majority of the time, you won't know I'm there. I do recommend scheduling time in your day for important portraits and group photos but we can talk about this beforehand so it won't take too long. For sunset and golden hour photographs, we'll need to set some time aside just before sunset to get those golden images for you.

I'm nervous about being photographed

Funnily enough - me too! So I can completely understand your fears. I've worked with a lot of couples and families over the years and it's a very common type of anxiety to have. I'm more than happy to show you some poses and can go through them in person if you like.

Do you offer discounts?

I currently offering a discount in conjunction with Lynne Jessett Floristry. If you book us both for your wedding, you'll get a 2.5% discount from each of us

If you have any questions not listed here or in my FAQ below, message me and I'll add them in for you.

I also only cover a set amount of weddings per year so each of my couples gets my full attention and energy, so drop me a message today with your details and wedding date


+ 5 hours coverage*
+ High-resolution photos
+ Low-resolution images
+ Online slide show & gallery
*Only available Mon, Tues & Weds


Emerald (Most Popular)

+ 10 Hours Coverage
+Full UK Coverage (Includes travel and accommodation)
+ Pre Wedding Trial Photoshoot
+ High-resolution photos
+ Low-resolution photos
+15 Fine Art Prints


Sapphire (European Weddings)

+European Coverage (includes all travel & accomodation)
+ 10 Hours Coverage
+ Pre Wedding Trial Photoshoot
+ High-resolution photos
+ Low-resolution photos
+ Online slide show & gallery
+ All photos on a USB
+ 15 fine art prints


Second Photographer £300

Highly recommend for weddings with over 100 guests!

They can cover your partner's morning preparations, family group photos and different angles whilst you enjoy the same with my all-day coverage.

Don't forget Albums!

Included with the Sapphire package, these are the highest quality and fully customisable by colour and fabric.

Sizes are (in inches)



Parent sets are also available.

Drop me a line to find out more details via my contact page

Zara Davis Wedding Photography near Stroud, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds Albums cover
Zara Davis Wedding Photography near Stroud, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds Albums flatlay
Zara Davis Wedding Photography near Stroud, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds Albums thick pages
Zara Davis Wedding Photography near Stroud, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds Albums cover material
Zara Davis Photography Wedding Album against blue background
Zara Davis Photography Gloucestershire two albums stacked on each other
Zara Davis Photography Gloucestershire two albums facing up
Zara Davis Photography Gloucestershire engraving of names on album


Can I buy an album?

If you've booked the premium package, an album comes as standard.
I can provide a detailed list of sizes and prices of albums on request.

What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot with two full-frame Sony Mirrorless cameras with various prime and zoom lenses and accessories. My second photographer will also have a similar set-up themselves, so we're all covered for any eventuality!

Do I have to order prints through you?

With my top two packages, some prints will be included.

The option for purchasing further prints is available within your private gallery. I offer the highest quality prints available on the market today and you are also free to order elsewhere if you so choose.

How many photos will I get?

It completely varies on the variables but there's a minimum of 500 for a standard full-day wedding. The majority of the time it’s a lot more than that.

When will I get my photos back?

I aim to get all photos onto your password protected online gallery 6 weeks after your wedding date. During the busier part of the season this may extend by a week or two. I'll usually pop over a text or social media message to let you know when the link has been sent to you.

Do I need to feed you?

It would be very gratefully received if I'm working 10-12 hour days as carrying food is extra 'luggage' for me to bring along with lots of camera gear and lighting. Plus as I travel for weddings, I don't always have the ability to be able to prepare food myself that will keep me going all day.
Saying that, I'm not going to force you and I don't need the same food as your guests as most places have a bar menu or I can pop off site for an hour or so to get food myself.

What is the booking process?

The booking process involves a deposit fee of £250 to secure the date and a signed contract. I always encourage my couples to read through the contract first and ask any questions. From there, we’ll arrange to get together at the wedding venue and go through the day's itinerary.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

I do! The Sapphire package includes travel and accommodation for Europe. For the rest of the world, please let me know where and I'll get a quote together for you.

How far do you travel?

All over! If you are in the UK, the Emerald package would suit you. If you are getting married in Europe, the Sapphire package will suit you.

Want to know more?

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My Style of Work

I'm based in Gloucestershire in the glorious Cotswolds and covering the local area including Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester and Tetbury as well as further afield such as Bristol, Surrey, Devon, Cornwall and even Cumbria!

I have a warm, natural, relaxed and friendly approach to you and your wedding.

Contact Details

You are welcome to use my contact form for enquiries

Alternatively, you can email at or call/message at 0771 333 8056.

Tudor Court, The Street, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, GL10 3NT