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As with a large majority of introverted/arty types, it's so difficult to write something like this! It's the online equivalent of being in a group and having to introduce yourself and say three interesting things - I can't be the only one who hated that?! I'll give it a go though, just for you...

The photography as-a-career-history...

As with most art and creative types, I’ve been into photography since I was very little and was gifted my first camera at the age of 6 and used it to mainly take photos of my dog (little has changed there) and my Sylvanian Families! A brief hop and a skip through college, then University and I graduated in London with a degree in Photography in 2008. I worked on film sets and TV commercials taking photos for a while and then a school friend asked me to photograph her wedding and I was hooked from then on in! I spent a few years photographing across Southern England before having to take a 5 year break due to a few hospital operations (which I've written about on my blog). When I felt 100% again, I went right back into Photography after moving to a small village near Stroud in the Cotswolds back in 2016.

A little bio...

I moved around a lot as a kid (and adult) from starting life in Buckinghamshire through to living in Berkshire, Surrey, Devon, central London and now Gloucestershire. I absolutely adored living in London but am now completely converted to the charms of the Cotswolds with its stunning walks and history. I live in a small village just near Stroud with my rescue dog Louis whom I am completely besotted with! I'm always taking photos in my own time, (90% are of Louis) and I promise... I will get round to taking some proper photos of myself soon!

Zara Davis Wedding photography Stroud Gloucestershire Cotswolds helping wedding
Photography is something I am so passionate about and I’m at my happiest with a camera in hand. So combining my love of photography and creating memories for others, I really do feel so absolutely privileged to play a part in the most important day in a couple’s life together and meeting all the people with them on the day.

So why weddings?

It starts from a young age when various family members would send me postcards from beautiful places and I poured over family wedding albums. I loved looking at those beautiful images and imagining what it was like in real life. I’d spend hours visualizing how the day went, imaging the sights and sounds such as the bells and laughter. I was always drawn to it… so here I am (many) years later and firmly believing I was destined to do this because that is exactly how I want others to feel looking at their own photos – that warm, fuzzy, happy feeling.


A little extra about me….


In 2020, I was nominated for 'Best Wedding Photographer in Gloucestershire' at The Matrimony Awards. I was just so chuffed and thrilled to be nominated so a massive THANK YOU to whoever put me forward for that!

I adore dogs. I have a gorgeous and very energetic Brittany Spaniel called Louis. My love for dogs crosses over into dog memes so if you have a good one, send it along!


I’m a history geek. Wind down time for me is exploring some ancient building or watching something on the history channel. The Wars of the Roses and Tudor period are a few of my favourite out of many.


My favourite movie is Gladiator - again with the history theme!


I did one of those Meyers Briggs personality tests years ago and I’m an INFP. This type value authenticity, empathy, and harmony – things I absolutely try to use in my style of photography and how I work.


Coffee all the way! I'm always partial to a Starbucks.


I love quirky things and places, such as little shops hidden down old rambling streets full of treasures.


I love the seaside in both Summer & Winter. I particularly love watching waves crashing onto the rocks on a stormy day.

I love a good quote or meme! I even had one of my own creations go semi-viral years ago (ask me when you meet me)

I honestly love it when previous couples send me photos of their images framed and hanging on their walls. My heart goes gooey and you'll make my day.

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Here's Louis...

I couldn't resist!

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