One of the aspects that make The Barn at Upcote truly special for a wedding photographer is the abundance of stunning photo locations that unfold throughout the venue. The "secret garden" is a hidden gem, a secluded and enchanting space that adds an element of mystery and romance to the visual narrative. With its blooming flowers, winding paths, and secluded nooks, this garden becomes a picturesque backdrop for intimate portraits and stolen moments between the newlyweds.

Equally captivating is the beautiful staircase leading down to the barn. This architectural feature not only serves a practical purpose but also becomes a symbol of the couple's journey into a new chapter of their lives. As a wedding photographer, capturing the couple descending this staircase becomes a metaphorical representation of their entrance into a shared future. The play of light and shadow, the intricate details of the staircase, all contribute to crafting visually striking and emotionally resonant images.

The variety of photo locations at The Barn at Upcote allows for a rich and diverse wedding album. From the rustic charm of the barn's interior to the lush greenery of the secret garden and the elegant descent down the staircase, each setting tells a unique part of the couple's story. This diversity ensures that every aspect of the celebration is documented with creativity and authenticity, providing the couple with a collection of images that beautifully encapsulate the magic of their wedding day.

Pittville Pump Rooms

AddressThe Barn, Upcote Farm, Cheltenham, Withington, Cheltenham GL54 4BL

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