Nestled in the heart of Cheltenham, the Pittville Pump Rooms stands as a timeless testament to Georgian elegance, making it a dream wedding venue for those seeking a touch of luxury and romance. The exquisite architecture of the Pump Rooms exudes regal charm, transporting couples and their guests to an era reminiscent of the grandeur depicted in 'Bridgerton.' The venue's classic Georgian features, from the graceful columns to the intricate detailing, provide an elegant backdrop that elevates the ambiance of any wedding celebration.

The Bridgerton vibes are palpable at Pittville Pump Rooms, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivates all who enter. The sophisticated and refined setting lends itself perfectly to couples desiring a wedding day that feels like a page torn from a romantic novel. The graceful ballrooms and opulent spaces within the Pump Rooms offer a canvas for couples to create their own love story, surrounded by the allure of a bygone era.

What sets Pittville Pump Rooms apart is not just its architectural splendor but also its proximity to the scenic Pittville Park. The expansive park landscape adds a touch of natural beauty to the wedding experience, creating a harmonious blend of historic elegance and picturesque surroundings. The Cotswolds, with its rolling hills and idyllic charm, frames the venue with a breathtaking backdrop that complements the romantic allure of Pittville Pump Rooms.

Choosing Pittville Pump Rooms as a wedding venue in Cheltenham allows couples to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of timeless luxury and romance. With the Georgian architecture, 'Bridgerton' vibes, and the enchanting park landscape, this venue promises an unforgettable celebration that captures the essence of classic romance in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Pittville Pump Rooms

AddressE Approach Dr, Cheltenham GL52 3JE

Phone: 01242 528764