How to rediscover your wedding mojo


It’s been a long old year hasn’t it? It’s gone on for longer than we imagined but there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, BUT what if you were planning a wedding, have now postponed and can’t seem to get excited again?


As a wedding photographer, I’ve also had to deal with not knowing when I can get back to what I love doing. It’s also given me time to rediscover my own joy during the long days of lockdown so here are my top 8 tips for rediscovering your wedding mojo…



Take it slow

We’re going to go for a slow burn with re-finding your mojo. You may well wake up one day and just have that joy bursting out of you but the reality is, for most of us it’s going to take small baby steps to get there. Remember, your wedding day is a journey and not just the day itself. Planning a wedding takes time and so does this but you WILL get excited again!



I saw a good quote this morning by Winston Churchill “Those who never change their mind, never change anything”.

That doesn’t mean you need to become a completely different person mentally, rather that throughout lockdown and restrictions, some of us (and I’m guilty of this too) have got into a boredom trap and find our thoughts running away to the negative side. But that’s ok. We’re human and this is an extraordinary time! You’re now part of a distinct club that has had a very unique wedding experience! So we don’t need to change ourselves but just our perspective.

So guess what? Now you have more time to plan, you have more time to find out who has been there for you, you have time to change any details you weren’t sure on and you’ve had the time to realise that tying the knot with your best friend is going to mean so much more when this is all over. The negative thoughts may always be there but we can choose to bring in some positive ones to bat them off with.


Layout your wedding items

You may have already bought items for your wedding and if so, clear a room, the floor or space on the bed and lay them all out. Seeing everything will help you re-visualise your wedding in your mind and create that “I can’t wait” feeling again.


Find a fellow bride or groom who is also feeling the same way as you

Having a wedding ‘twin’ means that you are going to have one person to chat to and get excited about your wedding again. They are probably feeling the exact same way you are so its good to have someone who REALLY understands. Letting out all the tension will be a release to then clear the way for the positive. Why not also get together with your fellow brides/grooms on Zoom and have a girls/guys evening and just discuss all things weddings? You'll need something to look forward to so make a date of it!



You may have already done this with your initial wedding planning but just immersing yourself in images and videos of weddings will really help you rediscover and remember how excited you were. If you already have a Pinterest board then maybe create some ‘real’ ones by cutting up bridal magazines so you’re engaging both hands and minds to immerse yourself in it. Put on some of your favourite music while you do this as well.


Online Wedding Fairs

As a wedding supplier, I can’t get out to you nor can you to me but we have the wonderful medium of online fairs to keep that excitement going. Just chatting with suppliers and voicing your ideas will really help. You could also get some great suggestions from them for when your wedding does go ahead.


Have a photoshoot together

Obviously, this is very much dependent on restrictions but when it eases and if you haven’t already had an engagement shoot then you could start planning for that. It’s a great way to get to know your supplier, talk weddings and start that joy all over again. This is why I include an engagement photo shoot with all 3 of my photography packages. They are a great way to get excited!

Marking your original wedding date

It’s really important to do something for your original date, even if it’s something small and low/no cost. You’ll need to do something rather than sit passively and overthink. Maybe you could both go for a nice stroll or have a silent disco in your living room or via zoom with your wedding guests?

You could also get a nice bottle of wine, a great cake (try your original wedding cake maker as I’m sure they would love to help in this climate!), let off some party poppers and have a mini party for two!


I hope these tips help. I’d recommend finding a happy balance of doing them as you don’t want to risk getting bored of doing them.


Let me know if you think of any more that will help fellow brides and grooms (and suppliers!)


Good luck!


Wedding flowers by Lynne Jessett Floristry at The Lion Ballroom, Leominster, Herefordshire