Wedding tips for photography

Following on from this successful campaign I ran on my Instagram, here's the entire list of my helpful wedding photography related tips for your big day. Let me know if they've inspired you!

1.    Include a ‘sneak away’ session on your day. Schedule in some time for couples portraits not only for the images but to give you both a breather on your own.

2.    Let there be light! Sparklers, fairy lights, glow sticks, candles… any of these will create some truly stunning photos for your evening do!

3.    Group lists. If you plan on formal groups photos (your nan will want one for the mantelpiece!), make a list of group that are an absolute must. Give a copy to your photographer and a couple of family members on the day. Remember, the ore on the list, the longer it will take on your day so try to keep to essentials only.

4.    Practice posing. If you are shy in front of the camera, try googling some couples poses that you will feel comfortable with.

5.    Unplug your wedding! Any photographer will thank you for this! Ask guests to keep their mobiles and cameras away during the ceremony. They are there to witness and enjoy your moment and that is what you have hired a photographer for. The last thing you want in your official photos is Uncle Bob’s arm outstretched across your face taking a photo himself!

6.    Don’t be afraid of the dark. Winter weddings re perfect for this so schedule in some nighttime portraits and get creative with some lights.

7.    Book the photographer you get on with. You and your loved ones are going to spend the most important day in your life with your photographer and other vendors so your personalities should get on well together. Would a more introverted or extroverted photographer suit you? Would you like the more directorial type that takes charge or one that blends into the background?