My first Mini Sessions

2020 has been an outright weird year in human history hasn't it? I've noticed one thing though.... it was a great time for rediscovering family life and being outside in nature. I personally found some lovely walks just a couple of miles from home that I never knew existed until my daily exercise in lockdown.

In previous years (in a local Facebook group) I'd seen some lovely images from amateur and professional photographers of the local sunflower field. Having always missed it, I was determined to find it this time and it didn't disappoint! A good friend in Eastington wanted some photos of her daughter and granddaughters so we ventured to the sunflowers and spent an hour letting the kids do their thing got some fantastic images.

A couple of days later I saw a call-out from the local playgroup in Kings Stanley asking for a photographer to do what I had just been doing in the previous 48 hours, so I volunteered and the Mini Sunflower Sessions of August 2020 was born! It was a fund raising effort with Saxon Barn (great wedding venue by the way!) in Priory Farm and myself to raise much needed cash for the playgroup who were struggling during the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. As most of my weddings had now been postponed and I had recently starting offering family photography it was also a wonderful opportunity for me (I'm so grateful to the ladies who organised this!) to carry this on.

Over the two days, I think we experienced every kind of British summer time weather so a big thank you to Saxon Barn for providing not just the flowers but also umbrellas and for the lovely ladies at the playgroup who so kindly went and brought takeaway coffee's for us!

Hand on heart, I can honestly say every single person I met over the course of those two days, from organisers and to the families who posed, were absolutely lovely. I'd love to do all of this again so hopefully I'll see you next year!

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