As a wedding photographer, I've already had many couples having to postpone their wedding due to the current crisis. My heart literally goes out to them as we all know the pain of disappointed dreams, even in circumstances beyond our control. However, I've been completely blown away by the couples I work with and the resilience they've shown towards the situation and their new plans. They've inspired this blog post really so I'd really like to thank them all for just being super amazing!

As couples and suppliers try and wade through these unprecedented times, I thought about how we can try and look at the positives of postponing. As I write, the lockdown means that no weddings can take place at present and afterwards we might be looking at a very small amount of people who can attend with social distancing in place for a few months yet.

Whether you have postponed or decided to go ahead later in the year with a smaller wedding, there are definitely benefits to both. If you decide to still go ahead with your big day but with a small number of guests, I’ll be writing some positives on that soon so watch this space. However, if you had planned a big day and are now having to postpone a few months or even to next year, here are some positives to think about and hold on to when you feel low.

1. Healthy family and friends. It goes without saying that postponing your wedding means that when your day finally comes around all your guests (and you and your partner) will be healthy and able to join in with your day of happiness. Our loved ones are more important before anything else and you want them to be safe, happy and well on the day.

2. Your day will have even more to celebrate! Well, what can I say? When this is all over we will have the mother of all celebrations and that includes your day probably being one of the first family weddings that everyone can attend! So hold that thought tight knowing that everyone can really let their hair down.

3. More time to plan. If you had your eye on some ideas or inspiration in magazines or online you’ll now have more time to shop around or get crafting (once lockdown is lifted) to make your day that extra special.

 4. More time to save some cash. If you’re in regular paid employment and were able to continue working or work from home, then a few extra months could mean saving just that little bit extra for what you need. Alternatively, you could start your marriage on a giving note with making a charitable donation to the relief and rebuilding effort in your new wedded names.

5. Building a stronger marriage foundation. As difficult as this time is (and our hearts go out to those suffering), you two survived a pandemic and isolation together. If you can survive that, you can survive pretty much anything!

 6. Which brings me on to building resilience. Have a Google of a famous photo of a bride in WW2 (image can be found on Google) leaving her bombed-out home on her wedding day with a smile on her face as she leaves to get hitched. Now that’s resilience. Try and research the war brides stories. You’ll find a stoic resilience that can only be admired. If that WW2 bride can smile in that situation when pretty much everything had gone down the pan, we should all be smiling when your big day comes around!

 7. You’ll be calmer on the day. Let’s face it, a pandemic is a pretty much one of the biggest thing that could disrupt a wedding so when your day does come around, those small niggles such as a little bit of dirt on your dress won’t be so upsetting.

 8. Engagement/Postponement pictures! I say this as a wedding photographer but how about an extra photoshoot to send to family and friends? Obviously, this can only happen once lockdown lifted but wouldn’t it be great to have an extra set of loved up pictures to send out with a ‘don’t forget the new date’ cards?

 9. WHAT A STORY. As a little girl, I used to love listening to my mum and grandmother tell me about their wedding days and pouring over their photos. Can you imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell about your wedding?

 10. Love is timeless. It doesn’t matter how long your engagement is or how much longer you had to wait, the love between you is all that matters.

 And one extra before I go...

 11. You aren’t alone. Up and down the UK (and other countries) thousands of couples are in the same situation as you. It’s not just couples either. Wedding suppliers are also sad that you had to postpone but we can all get through this together with compassion and kindness. Like I said earlier… there will be one almighty big knees-up after all of this is over and some epic wedding photos to prove it!

And finally #ThankYouNHS!

Image by Zara Davis Photography. Flowers by Lynne Jessett Floristry.